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october 22-23, 2018 - shanghai

reasons to join us in shanghai

China’s biotech scene has been exploding over the past 2 years. Chinese investors are not just pouring billions into new Asian startups, they’re also jumping into global syndicates backing a new generation of startups in the US and Europe as well.

This October, we’ll be bringing top industry players in China and the US to Shanghai for the inaugural run of the US-China Biopharma Innovation and Investment Summit. For US companies, this is a chance to explore the most important emerging healthcare market in the world, with a forecast on drug innovation and a chance to meet potential partners. And you’ll hear directly from a group of headliners on both sides of the Pacific on the most important developments you need to be aware of, with a special focus on the regulatory scene.

This is a crucial year for US-China biopharma and you won't want to miss this 2-day summit we're planning for you at the Shanghai Four Seasons, located in Pudong in the ultra-modern 21st Century Tower.


Samantha Du

Chairman & CEO
Zai Lab

John Oyler

Founder & CEO

Leon Chen

CEO & Founding Partner
6 Dimensions Capital

Fred Cohen

Vida Ventures

Faheem Hasnain

Executive Chairman
Gossamer Bio

Jonathan Wang

Founding Partner
OrbiMed Asia

Vivek Ramaswamy

CEO & Founder
Roivant Sciences

Nisa Leung

Managing Partner
Qiming Venture Partners

Yao-Chang Xu

Founder & CEO
Abbisko Therapeutics

Dechao Yu

President & CEO

Brad Loncar

Loncar Investments

John Carroll

Founder & Editor
Endpoints News

Jianhua Jiang


Liu Weimin

Eight Roads

Dajun Yang

Ascentage Pharma

Guoliang Yu

CBT Pharmaceuticals

Weichang Zhou

WuXi Biologics

Weiguo Su

Hutchison MediPharma

Lu Huang

Managing Director
Morningside VC

Yibo Cao

Managing Director
Sequoia Capital China

Dr. John E. Connolly

Chief Scientific Officer
Tessa Therapeutics Pte Ltd

Karen Liu

Founding partner
3E Bioventures Capital

Dr George Syrmalis

Founder & Group CEO
The iQ Group Global

Harry Simeonidis

President - Glucose Biosensor Systems (GC)

Shuqian Jing

Founder, Chairman and CEO - GmaxBio

Arsalan Arif

Founder & CEO
Endpoints News


summit agenda

October 22nd – Morning
Hosted by:Arsalan Arif, ENDPOINTS NEWS, CEO
09:00 Chairperson Opening - John Oyler John Oyler (BeiGene - Founder & CEO)
09:20 Chairperson Opening - Samantha Du Samantha Du (Zai Lab - Chairman & CEO)
09:40 Editor's Keynote: The US-China biopharma world has arrived John Carroll (Endpoints News - Founder & Editor)
10:00 Keynote 2: China's biopharma industry: A brief history and new beginnings Mingde Yu (Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises Association - Chairman)
10:30 Keynote 3: The US biopharma venture landscape and lessons for Chinese ventures Fred Cohen (Vida Ventures - Co-Founder and Sr. Managing Director)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:10 Keynote 4: Chinese innovation from the eyes of an investor Nisa Leung, Qiming Venture, Managing Partner
11:35 Keynote 5: Making a successful launch strategy for Chinese biopharma Michael Yu, Innovent Biologics, Founder & Chairman
12:00 Fireside chat: John Carroll and Faheem Hasnain Faheem Hasnain, Gossamer Bio, Co-Founder
12:00 Lunch Buffet
October 22nd – Afternoon
Hosted by:Liyun Zhou (Pharmcube - Chairman)
13:30 Data Stories: China's innovation in the global biopharma landscape - unveiling China pipelines and cross-border transactions Jianhua Jiang (Pharmcube - CEO)
Session 1: Innovation
13:50 Panel 1: Opportunities from the biopharma R&D “gap” MODERATOR: John Carroll (Endpoints News - Editor-in-chief)
PANELISTS: Lianshan Zhang (Hengrui Pharma - President, Global R&D)
Weiguo Su (Chi-Med - Executive Director&CSO)
Shuqian Jing (Gmax Biopharm - Founder Chairman&CEO)
Zicai Liang (Ribo Life Science - Founder&Chairman)
George Syrmalis (The iQ Group Global - Founder and Group CEO)
14:30 Demand is priority: From capability orientation to demand orientation Jing Qiang (Apricot Capital - Managing Partner, Sinovent - Chairman)
14:45 GPCR antibody drugs: Clinical value and development challenges Shuqian Jing (Gmax Biopharm - Founder Chairman & CEO)
15:00 Panel 2: How do Chinese biotechs differentiate themselves in the domestic and global market? MODERATOR: Roger Liu (Renowned industry writer, AstraZeneca, VP)
PANELISTS: Dajun Yang (Ascentage Pharma - Founder&Chairman)
Guoliang Yu (CBT Pharmaceuticals - Founder)
Li Chen (Hua Medicine - Founder and CEO)
Xiao Xu (ACEA Bioscience - CEO)
William Liang (Zai Lab- CCO)
15:40 Coffee Break
15:50 Panel 3: New technology, new mindset and the Chinese oncology pipeline MODERATOR: Yuli Xie (Ouling Bio-Medicine - CEO)
PANELISTS: John Connolly (Tessa Therapeutics - CSO)
Jay Mei (Antengene Corporation - Founder&CEO)
Yaochang Xu (Abbisko Therapeutics - Founder&President)
Weichang Zhou (WuXi Biologics - CTO, Sr. VP)
James Yan (Zai Lab - Executive VP)
Session 2: Cross-border Transaction
16:30 Panel 1: Best — and worst — approaches to finding a partner and inking a deal in China MODERATOR: Jimmy Zhang (Lilly Aisa Ventures - Venture Partner)
PANELISTS: Bing Yuan (Cstone Pharmaceuticals - Chief Business Officer)
Carsten Lu (Adlai Nortye - Chairman & CEO)
Mike Liu (Alphamab - Executive VP)
Yan Song (Link Health Group - CEO)
17:00 Panel 2: The US perspective: What do US execs want from China deals? MODERATOR: Arsalan Arif (ENDPOINTS NEWS - CEO)
PANELISTS: Faheem Hasnain (Gossamer Bio - co-Founder)
Micah Mackison (Assembly Biosciences - Sr. VP)
Chris Xiangyang Lu (Laekna Therapeutics - Founder&CEO)
Patrick Gallagher (Aquilo Partners - Principal)
17:30 Cocktail Reception Hosted by WSFG PR considerations for biotech IPOs
Koko Ku (WSFG, Partner)

How to run a successful biotech IPO
Kenneth Sun (Morgan Stanley - Executive Director)
18:30 Gala Dinner Hosted by GBSG
October 23rd – Morning
Hosted by:Arsalan Arif, Endpoints News, CEO
09:00 Chairman opening by Leon Chen Leon Chen (6Dimensions - CEO & Founding Partner)
09:15 Keynote 6: History and outlook on China's biopharma investment Jonathan Wang, OrbiMed Asia, Founding Partner & Sr. Managing Director
10:00 Keynote 7: A look at the "Major drug development program" and China's innovative new drugs Jinhui Gu, National Health Commission, Director, Office of Major Drug Development
10:30 Keynote 8: Rise of China biopharma and its unique dynamics -- a US perspective Brad Loncar, Loncar Investment, Founder
11:00 Coffee Break
11:10 Keynote 9: The new rules for listing on HKEX and updates on its implementation Natalie Chen, HKEX, Assistant VP
11:35 Keynote: Vivek Ramaswamy Vivek Ramaswamy, Roivant Sciences, Founder & CEO
12:00 Fireside chat: John Carroll and Vivek Ramaswamy on talent, dealmaking, and exits Vivek Ramaswamy, Roivant Science, Founder
12:30 Lunch Buffet
October 23nd – Afternoon
Hosted by:Liyun Zhou (Pharmcube - Chairman)
Session 3: Biotech Investment and Exit
13:30 Panel 1: Inside the minds of China's top biopharma investment firms MODERATOR: Jean Cheng (Pharmcube -COO)
PANELISTS: Erdong Hua (6Dimensions - Partner)
Will Liu (8 Roads Ventures - Partner)
Jing Qiang (Apricot Capital - CIO, Managing Partner)
Quanhong Yuan (Shanghai Jianxin Capital - Founding Partner&President)
Neo Zhang (C-Bridge Capital, Managing Director)
14:10 Investing in drug discovery start-ups Leo Leng (Legend Star Partner - Healthcare)
14:25 Innovative healthcare company investment from a global perspective Karen Liu (3e Bioventures - Partner)
14:40 Panel 2: US biotech financing trends and implications for Chinese ventures MODERATOR: John Carroll, (ENDPOINTS NEWS - Editor-in-chief)
PANELISTS: Alfred Scheidegger (Nextech Invest - Founding Partner)
Vivek Ramaswamy (Roivant Science - Founder)
Yining Zhao (Just Biotherapeutics - Founder & President)
Lu Huang (Morningside VC - Managing Director)
Cyber Cao (Sequoia Capital China - Managing Director
15:20 Panel 3: IPOs — China and the US MODERATOR: Arsalan Arif (ENDPOINTS NEWS - CEO)
PANELISTS: Faheem Hasnain (Gossamer Bio - Co-Founder)
Wenseng Wendy Pan (Sidley Austin - Partner)
Jin Liang (CICC, Growth Enterprise IBD Executive Director, Head of Healthcare)
Zidong Zhang (Henlius - CFO)
Jielun Zhu (i-Mab Biopharma - CFO)
16:00 Coffee Break
Session 4: Talent Challenge
16:10 Panel: Attracting Top Talent in a Competitive Innovation Market MODERATOR: Grace Lu (Russell Reynolds - Executive Director)
PANELISTS: Alan Xu (J&J APAC Innovation Center - HR Head)
Jeans Qian (dMed Biopharmaceutical - VP, HR & Operation)
William Liang (Zai Lab - CCO)
Chelsea Zhang (Ping An Ventures - Partner)
Session 5: Spotlight on New Technology
16:40 Panel 1: Gene editing — a special focus on leading programs MODERATOR: Cindy Ru (CRC Oncology Corp - Managing Directo)
PANELISTS: Qiushi Li (CureGentics - COO)
Dong Wei (EdiGene - CEO)
Xiaodong Song (Hrain Biotechnology - Vice GM)
Chien-Shing Chen (JiahuiHealth Cancer Center - Executive Director)
17:10 2018 was a transformational year. What next? ENDPOINTS NEWS & Pharmcube


Rising high above the Pudong Lujiazui business district, this art-deco–inspired Hotel sits in the gleaming 21st Century Tower, surrounded by iconic skyscrapers and bustling city streets lined with luxury shopping, restaurants and prestigious financial centres.

us-china Biopharma Innovation & Investment Summit

OCTOBER 22-23, 2018 - SHANGHAI